Social Responsibility

During a trip to Namibia, Harvey was introduced to a number of community leaders living on the outskirts of Etosha, one of the worlds largest national parks, and began to take an active interest in the health, education and futures of the children in this remote, poor, but extremely beautiful area.

After consulting with the community elders and national government, Porton Group committed to a far-reaching plan to improve the education offered to the children of the area, via the local primary and secondary schools. This included the building of a large canteen capable of feeding hundreds of students daily, along with regular additional food deliveries to ensure that every single child has access to a rich and varied diet.

A brand-new computer lab was funded, providing these children’s first access to such technology. Furthermore, leveraging the technical resources of Seecrypt, the project established satellite communications to the remote school, allowing students to access on-line research and study tools.

By working closely with the local and national infrastructure, the project was able to attract matched funding from the Government. This included the building of much needed dormitories, opening up education to children who would otherwise have been excluded by the necessary 20km daily journey on foot.

Amongst the various benefits of these initiatives, the growth of the primary school from 200 to 450 children over the last five years has been a particular source of pride locally and to Porton Group.

With local interests in Dubai, Porton Group is also involved in a number of charities and activities focused on raising funds for orphans of war globally.


Through his extensive travel and passion for safari, Harvey nurtured a keen interest in wildlife and it’s preservation. A particular instance witnessing a rhino’s death as a result of poaching, prompted him to support a partnership between Seecrypt, CSIR and Stop Rhino Poaching.
It was essential that rangers had a simple, and easy to use method of communicating securely in a large yet closed group.  Seecrypt through this partnership with CSIR and Stop Rhino Poaching was able to deliver a secure messaging app that achieved these objectives in an environment where connectivity was at times challenging.  Technology such as this as acts as a force multiplier for efforts on the ground.  Each such initiative is one step forwards in the dangerous fight against poaching and this illegal global trade.
“Seecrypt has neutralised a significant threat. Partnerships with the likes of Seecrypt and CSIR will help our Rhinos and those trying so hard to protect them – an effective combination of technology, dedication and peace of mind.“ Elise Daffue, Founding Director of
Harvey also proudly funds endangered species programmes for Rhino, and the Pure Black Faced Impala – the national symbol of Namibia, with the latter programme currently numbering more than 500 animals in a protected facility. We have worked with Namibia Wildlife Research to gene-type the pure black-faced impala in Etosha National park to ensure this subspecies is documented and strategies can be put in place to ensure its long-term survival.
Despite being based in some of the poorer regions of Africa, these projects benefit from the cutting-edge technology and communications infrastructure offered by Seecrypt and a number of other experimental technologies within Porton Group. This serves a secondary function in that it opens up the importance of conservation programmes to children around the world, and helps protect the future of economically essential tourism to the region.

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