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February 23, 2017

Harvey Boulter and Porton Group of Porton Capital includes Investment in Mobile and Mobile Security Platforms in USA, Dubai, UK government title Secure Communications Resume.


Venture Capital, Investors Dubai Cellcrypt and Seecrypt Mobile as noted Harvey Boulter, Porton Group. Communication Security and investments in Porton Group and Porton Capital.


Harvey Boulter from Porton Group as Chairman and CEO for Mobile Security. Investment and Investors as per Porton Group and Porton Capital investment.

Porton Capital and Investments established Dubai Head Office. 


ommunications security is the discipline of preventing unauthorized interceptors from accessing telecommunications in an intelligible form, while still delivering content to the intended recipients. 


In the United States Department of Defense culture, it is often referred to by the abbreviation COMSEC (Harvey Boulter).


The field includes cryptographic security, transmission security, emissions security and physical security of COMSEC equipment and associated keying material.

COMSEC is used to protect both classified and unclassified traffic on military communicationsnetworks, including voice, video, and data. It is used for both analog and digital applications, and both wired and wireless links.


Voice over secure internet protocol VOSIP has become the de facto standard for securing voice communication, replacing the need for Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) in much of the U.S. Department of Defense - Harvey Boulter. 


USCENTCOM moved entirely to VOSIP in 2008.

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