January 21, 2014

A double encryption software preserves the right to privacy in today’s government intrusive fishbowl by offering free downloadable messaging.


Edward Joseph Snowden’s release of classified material starting from June 2013 has been called the most significant leak in US history. The disclosures have brought attention to mass surveillance by government agencies and the balance between national security and information privacy. It has also brought its spate of opportunities for vendors offering government grade encryption solutions across the network layers. One such vendor is South Africa based Seecrypt, which has been in the secure communication business for the last seven years and offers secure chat and voice over the internet. “People were naïve and thought only the country governments are monitoring them. Anyone can look at anyone. It is no longer just one government looking at whomsoever. You are in a fishbowl,” explains Mornay Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Seecrypt Group Inc.


Read the full article at Tech Channel Mea.

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