September 6, 2013

The NSA can easily bypass many commonly used forms of encryption. This is terrible news for the people who sell it.


The latest National Security Agency scoop, published jointly by The Guardian, The New York Times, and ProPublica yesterday, paints an astonishingly dismal picture of the current online security industry. The primary revelation — that your encrypted data may be unsafe from the hands of the NSA — could have the potential to erode the precious framework of trust at the center of the security and encryption industries.


The documents, provided by Edward Snowden, allege that the NSA has spearheaded a $250 million-a-year campaign to target and crack much of the encryption infrastructure that protects sensitive information on the web, such as emails, banking systems, and web searches. At first glance, the revelations appear to destroy the very premise of secure encryption — a notion that stands to cripple not only security companies, but also any hardware and software company with ties to the internet.


The full article appears on Buzzfeed.

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