Porton Group’s history lies in partnerships with leading Government laboratories, funding and developing technology for military purposes, with parallel commercial applications. Such laboratories include Dstl (an agency of the UK Ministry of Defence); Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (the UK Space Centre of Excellence); and numerous other UK Government public sector research establishments, and universities such as Cambridge University. Porton Group has always enjoyed unique access to technology with worldwide market potential; embracing the competition of new entrants to the sector, and diversifying to new markets and opportunities.
Historically Porton Group has not been sector specific, having invested in medical diagnostics, biomarkers, access control technologies, next-gen flat loudspeakers, through to materials science and a host of sectors in between. However, Porton Group has a proud heritage in defence and security with many of our significant investments having had national security at their heart, but have gone on to be actively successful in commercial sectors.
Today Porton Group has a significant focus on the cyber space having launched, under Porton Cyber, a number of investment strategies in this space.

Porton Cyber was established with privacy at its core, anticipating an eventual backlash against some of the invasive tech of the last decade.
One of its early investments in this space is focused on secure messaging and mobile voice protection technologies through Communication Security Group (CSG). CSG’s Seecrypt (www.seecrypt.com) and Cellcrypt (www.cellcrypt.com) products provide military-grade encryption for instant messaging and voice/conference calls, and are in use within Government and some of the largest telecommunication companies and commercial organizations worldwide.
Porton Cyber also has significant investments in data centres, secure storage, encryption technologies, data analytics and cyber diagnostics, with many others under constant consideration.

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