Harvey Boulter is a qualified Chartered Accountant, and seasoned Investment Banker, having run the Aerospace and Defence team at UBS during the late 90’s. The founder and CEO of Porton Group, a successful private equity business, Harvey has maintained his interest in aerospace, defence and the military as an integral component throughout the business. With a proven track record as a tough negotiator and active investor, building talented and result-focused teams across the world, Harvey commits significant time and resources to charities, particularly those with a focus on children and education.
Harvey Boulter founded Porton Group in early 2000 with a specific remit to commercialise technology invented in UK Ministry of Defence Laboratories. Porton Group now spans the venture capital and private equity industries. Within the venture markets, Porton Group is a trusted entity specialising in the commercialisation of military technology. Porton’s established private equity operations focus on the cyber sector via a number of fund vehicles under management.
Both personally and on a corporate level, Harvey is committed to being a force for positive change and fulfilling his social responsibilities. Although much of this charitable work is done in private, Harvey has established several initiatives that he feels particularly passionate about.


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